A new vision for funding circular innovations

Solving the funding gap for innovative circular production companies

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We help realise sustainable projects and deliver impact at scale

by offering solution-oriented financing against a managed risk profile.

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To protect our planet,
we must act now

In our linear economy we are depleting our natural resources fast. We are currently consuming 1,7 times as much resources as the earth can annually provide. If the whole world population would consume the same as in the Netherlands, the footprint would be even more, 2,7 earths. As we only have one planet, we need to use the earth’s resources smarter than the current take-make-waste approach if we want to preserve our welfare and maintain a liveable planet.

Help us shape a better future


One visionary investor, Pensioenfonds Detailhandel, is already on board. We’re currently inviting other Dutch professional investors to join us on our mission to create a more rewarding and sustainable future. Are you a non-Dutch investor? Please get in touch to see how you can work with us in the near future.

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We invest in game changers

who are making the circular economy a reality.

We finance a broad range of different technologies that will impact value chains worldwide. By financing innovation, we help drive the transition to a circular economy.

We bridge the funding gap for circular innovators

Innovations need sufficient funding. But all too often, we see innovation compromised because of a lack of financial support to realise commercial-scale production facilities. So, when technology is too innovative for banks, but too capital intensive for venture capital, that’s when we step in.

We provide financing solutions to bridge the funding gap in circular innovation. By supporting innovative circular companies, we enable them to prove their technology and business model on a commercial scale, leading to further investment, large-scale application and global impact.

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Our three pillars

Our fund offers a unique return-risk-impact profile for investors, based on our three fundamental pillars:

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Meaningful return

We target entrepreneurs at a stage where they are not (yet) financed by other investors, giving us a unique market positioning for competitive returns.

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Managed risk

Our comprehensive de-risking strategy and market expertise mean we always make sound investments.

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Measurable impact

By providing the funding businesses need to fully realise their technology, we help them to disrupt their value chain.


Image for the Polestar Capital opens €100 million circular economy fund, the largest of its kind in Europe


Polestar Capital opens €100 million circular economy fund, the largest of its kind in Europe

Today Polestar Capital announced the launch of the biggest circular economy fund in Europe. The fund, called the Polestar Capital Circular Debt Fund (PCDF), has opened at €100 million, and expects to grow to €400 million within a year.

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The circular transition calls for patient private capital

While commitments are being made at COP26 Glasgow. Rens Van Tilburg, Willem Schramade, Jacqueline Duiker and Philip Tan are calling attention to the funding gap to transition to a circular economy.

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